Help the Poor Change into Passive Voice – Understanding the Passive Voice

Question: What is the Help the Poor Change into Passive Voice?

  1. The poor is being helped
  2. The poor was helped
  3. The poor has been helped
  4. The poor will be helped

Answer: D) The poor will be helped

Help the Poor Change into Passive Voice Solution: In the passive voice, the focus of a sentence shifts from the subject acting on the object receiving the action. To convert the sentence “Help the poor” into the passive voice, we rearrange the structure to have the object (“the poor”) become the subject and the original subject (“you” understood) becomes the agent of the action.

  • The passive voice construction of “Help the poor” is “The poor will be helped.”
  • Overall, understanding the passive voice and when to use it can improve writing and communication, adding variety and nuance to sentences. Remember to be mindful of the context and intended meaning when employing the passive voice in your writing.

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