Difference Between Growth and Development – Explained Simply

Question: What is the main difference between growth and development?

  1. Growth is quantitative, while development is qualitative.
  2. Growth is linear, while development is nonlinear.
  3. Growth is limited to physical changes, while development includes both physical and non-physical changes.
  4. All of the above

Answer: D. All of the above

Difference Between Growth and Development Solution:

  • Growth is also linear, meaning that it occurs at a steady pace. Development, on the other hand, is nonlinear, meaning that it occurs in spurts and plateaus.

Difference Between Growth and Development

  • When discussing, it’s important to understand their distinct meanings. Growth primarily pertains to physical changes that occur in an individual over time.
  • This includes factors like an increase in height, weight, and physical capabilities. On the other hand, development is a broader concept that encompasses not only physical changes but also cognitive and emotional aspects. It involves the acquisition of new skills, knowledge, and emotional maturity.
  • For example, a child may grow taller and gain weight, but they may also develop new cognitive skills, social skills, and emotional skills.

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