The set x*x*x is equal to – x*x*x is equal to 2022 in hindi

Question: The set

  1. {1, 2, 3}
  2. {}
  3. {0}
  4. {-1, -2, -3}

Answer: B) {}

x*x*x is equal to Solution:

The set (x: x ≠ x) represents the set of all elements ‘x' such that ‘x' is not equal to itself. In mathematical terms, this set is often denoted as the empty set, which is represented by {}.

Therefore, the correct answer is option B) {} because it is the only set that contains no elements and satisfies the condition that no element is equal to itself. Options A, C, and D all contain elements that are equal to themselves, so they do not qualify as the set (x: x ≠ x).

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