5 letter words that start with h

5 Letter Words That Start With “H”: Expanding Your Vocabulary

In the vast expanse of the English language, five-letter words hold a special place, especially for those passionate about word games like Scrabble or Words with Friends, as well as for those looking to enhance their vocabulary. Among these, words that start with the letter “H” are particularly interesting due to their diverse meanings and uses. Here’s a closer look at some of these words, exploring their definitions and contexts to help broaden your linguistic repertoire.

1. Happy

Starting off with a positive note, “happy” is a word that resonates with joy and contentment. It describes a feeling of pleasure or satisfaction that everyone seeks in life. Whether it’s a happy occasion like a birthday or simply feeling happy after a good day, the word carries a universally positive charge.

2. Haste

“Haste” refers to the speed or urgency in doing something. It’s often used in contexts where time is of the essence, such as in the phrase “make haste.” While being quick can be advantageous, the famous saying “haste makes waste” warns against the potential downsides of acting too swiftly.

3. Heart

“Heart” is a versatile word with multiple meanings. Anatomically, it refers to the organ that pumps blood throughout the body. Figuratively, it represents the center of emotion, affection, and love. Phrases like “heartfelt” and “heartbroken” show just how deeply this word is embedded in expressions of human emotion.

4. Heavy

“Heavy” is used to describe something with great weight. This can be physical, as in a heavy object, or metaphorical, as in a heavy heart. The word captures the essence of burden, whether it’s the physical strain of lifting or the emotional weight of a difficult situation.

5. Hover

To “hover” means to remain in one place in the air. Birds, helicopters, and drones can hover, creating a sense of motionless flight. Figuratively, it can also mean to linger or wait around a place or situation, often with a sense of uncertainty or anticipation.


This brief exploration into five-letter words starting with “H” uncovers the richness of the English language, showing how a single letter can lead to a multitude of meanings and uses. Whether you’re a language enthusiast, a writer seeking the right word, or someone trying to score high in a word game, delving into these words can enhance your vocabulary, making your language more precise and expressive. Expand your linguistic horizons further by exploring more words, and discover the beauty and complexity of English.

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