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IIT Fees Structure 2024 – IIT Fees for 4 Years – IIIT Colleges List

IIT Fees Structure: Students who are interested in pursuing their engineering Education at an IIT.

What is the Fee Structure in IIT?

The fee structure for IITs is different for undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Institute Name *Total Fee (General and OBC candidates) in Rs. *Total Fee (SC/ST/PwD candidates) in Rs.
IIT Kharagpur 950000 175000
IIT Mumbai 900000 125000
IIT Chennai 825000 320000
IIT Kanpur 868000 190000
IIT Delhi 900000 250000
IIT Guwahati 875000 230000
IIT Roorkee 867000 300000
IIT Bhubaneshwar 980000 250000
IIT Gandhinagar 990000 340000
IIT Hyderabad 920000 290000
IIT Patna 840000 330000
IIT Punjab (Ropar) 500000 90000
IIT Rajasthan (Jodhpur) 970000 180000
IIT Indore 990000 350000
IIT Mandi 870000 80000
IIT BHU 950000 260000
IIT Bhilai 820000 350000
IIT Dharwad 985000 195000
IIT Goa 890000 290000
IIT Jammu 100000 180000
IIT Palakkad 930000 280000
IIT Tirupati 850000 250000
ISM Dhanbad 820000 240000

Tuition Fees – IIT Fees Structure

The tuition fees for undergraduate programs at IITs vary depending on the category of the student. The fees for foreign nationals and students from SAARC countries are much higher, ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 per year.

Hostel Fees – IIT Fees Structure

The hostel fees include accommodation, mess charges, and other basic amenities.

Scholarships – IIT Fees Structure

To help such students, IITs offer various scholarships and financial aid programs. Some of these programs are:

  • Institute Merit-cum-Means Scholarship – IIT Fees Structure. Under this scholarship, students get a full tuition fee waiver and a monthly scholarship of INR 1,000.
  • National Talent Search Scholarship – IIT Fees Structure. Students who have qualified for the National Talent Search Exam and are studying in an IIT are eligible for this scholarship. The scholarship amount is INR 1,250 per month.
  • Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme for Jammu & Kashmir. Students from Jammu and Kashmir who have passed the JEE (Main) and JEE (Advanced) exams and have been admission to any IIT are eligible for this scholarship. The scholarship provides a full tuition fee waiver, a monthly stipend of INR 1,250, and a yearly allowance of INR 1,000 for books and stationery.
  • Education Loan – IIT Fees Structure: Many banks offer education loans to students who have secured admission to an IIT. These loans cover the entire cost of education, including tuition fees, hostel fees, and other expenses. The repayment of the loan starts after the student completes the course.
College Name B. Tech course fee per Semester Hostel charges per Semester Total fees for General/ OBC Candidates Total Fees for SC/ST/PH candidates
IIT Bombay 1,19,750 13,000 9,50,000 1,36,000
IIT Bhubaneswar 1,43,000 19,300 10,00,000 2,17,100
IIT Bhilai 1,08,000 33,500 8,00,000 3,43,000
IIT Dharwad 1,22,876 13,000 9,70,000 1.83,512
IIT Dhanbad (ISM) 1,00,000 NA 8,00,000 2,24,100
IIT Delhi 1,07,800 NA 8,50,000 2,00,000
IIT Guwahati 1,11,750 18,120 8,50,000 2,38,960
IIT Goa 1,22,876 13,000 9,00,000 2,87,008
IIT Gandhinagar 1,28,500 15,500 10,00,000 3,52,000
IIT Indore 1,28,650 NA 10,00,000 2,29,200
IIT Hyderabad 1,19,000 28,000 9,00,000 2,99,000
IIT Jodhpur 1,18,275 NA 9,50,000 1,52,000
IIT Jammu 1,15,300 NA 9,50,000 66,400
IIT Kharagpur 1,48,700 25,100 10,00,000 2,16,165
IIT Kanpur 1,12,142 12,175 8,50,000 1,84,536
IIT Mandi 1,20,350 12,000 8,50,000 61,500
IIT Madras 1,12,663 23,750 8,00,000 3,00,000
IIT Patna 1,13,300 14,500 8,20,000 3,29,600
IIT Palakkad 1,12,600 23,150 9,10,800 2,67,950
IIT Ropar 1,13,650 NA 4,44,700 60,376
IIT Roorkee 1,18,480 16,000 5,07,040 1,60,000
IIT Varanasi 1,20,700 12,000 8,62,350 1,83,600
IIT Tirupati 1,12,700 27,750 8,71,760 71,760

IIT Fees Structure Faqs:

What is the IIT fees structure for undergraduate programs?

The IIT fees structure for undergraduate programs varies depending on various factors, including category and family income.

How much is the tuition fee for general-category students at IITs?

The tuition fee for general-category students at IITs is determined annually and may vary. It is important to check with the respective IIT for the current fees.

Are there any scholarships or financial aid options available for students at IITs?

Yes, IITs offer scholarships and financial aid programs to eligible students based on merit and financial need. These programs aim to support deserving students in pursuing their education.

What is the fees structure for postgraduate programs at IITs?

The fee structure for postgraduate programs at IITs is different from undergraduate programs. It is advisable to refer to the specific IIT's official website for detailed information.

Do IITs offer any fee waivers or concessions?

IITs provide fee waivers or concessions for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, as per government norms and regulations. Eligibility criteria may vary, so it is recommended to check with the respective IIT for specific details.

Are there any additional charges or fees apart from the tuition fee?

Apart from the tuition fee, there may be additional charges for hostel accommodation, mess facilities, medical services, library access, etc. These charges may vary depending on the IIT and the services provided.

What is the fee payment procedure at IITs?

The fee payment procedure at IITs is typically conducted online through a designated portal.

Can the fee structure change during the study?

Yes, the fee structure at IITs is subject to change based on various factors, including government policies and regulations. Students need to stay updated with any changes communicated by the institute.

Are there any fee concessions for reserved category students?

Yes, reserved category students may be eligible for fee concessions as per government guidelines. It is advisable to refer to the specific IIT's official website for detailed information regarding fee concessions.

What are the consequences of a non-payment or delayed payment of fees?

Non-payment or delayed payment of fees may result in penalties or cancellation of admission, as per the rules and regulations of the respective IIT. It is important to adhere to the fee payment deadlines.

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