Character Sketch of Lencho – A Hardworking Farmer Faith in God

Question: Which of the following best describes the Character Sketch of Lencho in the short story “A Letter to God” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez?

  1. A hardworking farmer with a strong faith in God.
  2. A naive and gullible man who believes that God will answer his prayers literally.
  3. A proud and arrogant man who refuses to accept help from others.
  4. A bitter and resentful man who has lost his faith in God.

Answer: A. A hardworking farmer with a strong faith in God.

Character Sketch of Lencho Solution:

  • Lencho is a hardworking farmer who lives in a small village in Mexico. He is a devout Christian who has a strong faith in God. When his crops are destroyed by a hailstorm, he writes a letter to God asking for help. He believes that God will answer his prayers and send him money to replant his crops.
  • The other options are incorrect. Option B is incorrect because Lencho is not naive or gullible. He knows that God does not send money, but he believes that God will provide for him in some way. Option C is incorrect because Lencho is not proud or arrogant. He is willing to accept help from others, even if it means accepting charity. Option D is incorrect because Lencho does not lose his faith in God.

Here is a summary of Lencho’s character:

  • Hardworking: Lencho is a farmer who works hard to provide for his family. He is not afraid of hard work.
  • Religious: Lencho is a devout Christian who has a strong faith in God. He believes that God will help him in times of need.
  • Honest: Lencho is an honest man who does not cheat or steal. He is willing to work hard to earn his living.
  • Hopeful: Lencho is a hopeful man who never gives up.

Lencho is a complex character who is both admirable and flawed. He is a hardworking and religious man, but he is also naive and gullible. He is hopeful, but he can also be quick to anger. Despite his flaws, Lencho is a sympathetic character who is easy to root for.

  • Lencho’s belief in the goodness of people is shattered, and he firmly believes that only God can provide him with the help he needs. This showcases his distrust of his fellow villagers and society at large. Lencho’s cynicism is further highlighted when he addresses the letter to “God” without specifying a location, fully expecting that God will understand his predicament and send help.
  • As the story unfolds, we see Lencho’s unwavering faith in God’s ability to intervene and provide a miracle. His character is a testament to the depths of despair that can lead a person to seek divine intervention when they lose faith in the goodness of humanity.

In conclusion, the Character Sketch of Lencho in “The Miracle of Lencho” is that of a cynical and distrustful individual who has lost faith in humanity due to the dishonesty he has witnessed, ultimately leading him to seek a miraculous solution from God.

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