What Did Lencho Hope for in “A Letter to God”?

Question: What did Lencho hope for in the story “A Letter to God”?

  1. A good harvest
  2. A rain shower
  3. Financial assistance
  4. All of the above

Answer: (D) All of the above

What Did Lencho Hope for Solution:

In the story “A Letter to God,” Lencho, a poor farmer, hoped for a good harvest, a rain shower, and financial assistance.

  • Lencho’s crops were failing due to a lack of rain. He wrote a letter to God, asking for 100 pesos to help him and his family survive.
  • A postmaster read the letter and was moved by Lencho’s faith. He collected money from his colleagues and sent Lencho 70 pesos.
  • Lencho was disappointed with the amount of money he received, but he still believed in God. He wrote another letter to God, asking for an explanation.
  • The postmaster saw the second letter and was even more moved by Lencho’s faith. He decided to send Lencho 30 more pesos out of his pocket.
  • Lencho was happy with the money and thanked God for his help. He learned that even though God may not always answer our prayers in the way we expect, he is always listening.

Lencho, a poor farmer, hoped for one specific thing: rain to save his crops. His entire livelihood depended on the success of his crops, and without rain, his fields were in grave danger. Lencho’s hope was not just a wish for rain; it was a hope for his family’s sustenance, a hope to see his hard work pay off, and a hope to overcome the adversity brought about by the arid weather.

Lencho’s hope for rain is a universal and relatable sentiment. It highlights the significance of nature and the environment in the lives of individuals who rely on agriculture for their well-being. His hope serves as a poignant reminder of the power that nature holds over human existence and emphasizes the profound connection between people and the environment.

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