Which of the Following Statement is Correct for ClO−4 Oxoanion?

Question: Which of the following statement is correct for ClO−4 Oxoanion?

  1. It does not have any tendency of polymerisation.
  2. It has a total of 4 pπ–dπ bonds between chlorine and oxygen.
  3. All Cl–O bonds are identical and the chlorine atom is sp3 hybridized.
  4. The chemical bonding takes place in the ground state and charge dispersion is more than ClO−3 oxoanion.

Answer: A and C

The correct answer should be options A and C only. Option B is incorrect because the ClO−4 oxoanion has 4 pπ–pπ bonds, not 4 pπ–dπ bonds. Option D is incorrect because the chemical bonding takes place in its excited state, not the ground state.

Understanding the properties of ClO−4 is essential in various fields, including chemistry, environmental science, and biology. This oxoanion’s significance lies in its presence in certain salts and compounds and its role in various chemical processes. By identifying the correct statement about ClO−4, one can gain a better understanding of its characteristics and applications in different scientific contexts.

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