Unlocking Algebra: Is x+x+x+x is equal to 4x?

Question: Can you crack the code of the equation x+x+x+x is equal to 4x?

  • A) 2x
  • B) 3x
  • C) 4x
  • D) x²

Decoding the Mystery of x+x+x+x is equal to 4x:

This equation might seem like a piece of cake at first glance, but it’s a sneaky test of your algebraic super skills. Remember, in algebra, terms are variables or constants with the same exponent. In this case, all four terms have the variable “x” raised to the power of 1 (x¹), making them prime candidates for a superhero team-up!

Combining Forces:

To solve this equation, we need to unleash the power of combining like terms. This simply means adding the coefficients (the numbers accompanying the “x”) for each term. Think of it as merging their strengths to create a single, powerful term. So, we have:

  • x + x + x + x = (1 + 1 + 1 + 1)x = 4x

Voila! With a little algebraic alchemy, we reveal that x + x + x + x equals C) 4x.

Bonus Round: x+x+x+x is equal to 4x.

Want to push your algebraic prowess further? Don’t stop here! Consider these challenges:

  • Is x + x + x + x equal to 4, or just 4x? (Hint: Multiplication vs. addition, is a subtle but crucial distinction!)
  • If sec θ = x + 1/4x, what happens when you simplify the equation? (This one throws in trigonometry for an extra twist!)

By practicing with different variations of this equation, you’ll not only level up your understanding of like terms and coefficients but also gain confidence in tackling more complex algebraic problems. So, keep practicing, and remember, the world of algebra awaits your exploration!

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